Hojoung Jang

Purdue BS in Computer Engineering 2021



I am a senior in Computer Engineering at Purdue University. I am highly interested in software development so I like learning new things to build interesting projects. I am actively seeking full-time opportunities for me to learn and grow as a software engineer.

Course Work

List of relevant courses I took

ECE 40400

Introduction to Computer Security

ECE 46900

Operating Systems

ECE 20875

Python for Data Science

ECE 30862

Object-Oriented Programming in C++ and Java

ECE 36200

Microprocessor Systems and Interfacing

Courses Currently Taking: Introduction to Computer Communication Networks, Artificial Intelligence


View some of my recent work
AI: Reinforcement learning

Reinforcement learning with OpenAI Gym

Acquainted myself with Q-learning with Tensorflow to develop an agent that could interact with and survive multiple environments.

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CAM2 Image Database Team

Real Time Video Feature Indexing Storage System

Designed a real time feature indexing storage system that processes image frames from live surveillance IP cameras around the world. The goal of the system is to provide users with images that contain the desired features such as cars and people.

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Android App Development

TODO Managing App

Built a simple TODO managing Android application using fundamentals of Android development

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Data Science Project

Performed data analysis on New York bike traffic dataset to answer hypothetical problems

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STM32 Microcontroller Project

Flappy Bird Game

Built a Flappy Bird game using STM32F051R8T6 microcontroller and an LED matrix

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